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Endowment: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Charities and their donors have long been attracted to the concept of endowment, and for good reason.  For supporters, endowment is the gift that keeps on giving — endowment gift principal generally remains untouched and only the income and appreciation are used to support worthwhile programs.  Endowments also create permanence and financial stability for many charities.

Donors can establish endowments through a variety of arrangements, including gifts that occur after one’s lifetime, or that provide donors or others with lifetime income.

  • Your contribution of stocks, bonds or shares in a mutual fund can stand as a memorial or tribute to a loved one.

  • Your estate plan can provide endowment support by a gift through a will, life insurance, revocable living trust designation or a beneficiary designation in your IRA, retirement plan or other financial account.

  • Charitable remainder trusts allow friends to assist both charity and a family member. These trusts are often set up as memorials (The John and Mary Doe Memorial Trust, for example).

  • Charitable gift annuities provide retirees with the security of fixed payments for life that are partly tax free, plus sizable charitable deductions.

Friends who have supported our efforts during their lifetimes often wish to see that support continue.  An endowment allows that to happen.  As the chart shows, a $20,000 gift from an estate can endow an annual $1,000 gift to charity in perpetuity, assuming a 5% return.

Your Bequest Can Memorialize Your Annual Contributions*

If Your Annual Gifts Total:








You Can
Them with a Bequest of at Least:








* A 5% annual return on your bequest, as represented in these tables, would ensure that you can always continue your thoughtful annual contributions