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“Executor” Is Not an Honorary Position
“You have heard the story, haven't you, about the man, as he was ridden out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered, somebody asked him how he liked it, and his reply was, if it was not for the honor of the thing, he would much rather walk!” . . . more

Trusts That Benefit You and Our Future
The flexibility of trusts enables donors to divide the enjoyment and the benefits of a single piece of property or fund of money between their families and worthwhile causes and organizations . . . more

Bring New Life to an Old Policy
When you were young, did your parents provide you with a “juvenile” life insurance policy? . . . more

Lifelong Strategies for Effective Philanthropy
The generous people who support our efforts often follow a common pattern . . . more

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March 2014 Archive
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February 2014 Archive
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January 2014 Archive
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December 2013 Archive
• Tax Breaks for Donors Who Don’t “Itemize”
• Charitable Bequest Planning for Donors Who Don’t Face Estate Taxes
• Make Beneficiary Forms Work for You
• Strategies If You Receive an Inheritance

November 2013 Archive
• Why Do People Make Charitable Contributions?
• Magnify the Value of Your Year-End Gifts
• Perks and Pitfalls of Joint Ownership
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October 2013 Archive
• Special Needs Trusts and Your Planning
• Strategies for Donors Who Wish to Postpone Bequests to Charities
• Review Your Estate Plan Before Year’s End
• Planning for Those Who Live Alone