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 Personal Planning Ideas

Too Young for Estate Planning?
At what age should people start thinking about writing a will or making other estate plans? . . . more

Assisting Others with Charitable Gift Annuities
Here are some frequently asked questions on how charitable gift annuities might be used to help family members and others . . . more

Estate Plans of the Rich and Famous
A well-known estate planning publication, Classic Cases, lists financial information on the estates of famous Americans, drawn from probate records . . . more

Which Investments to Spend, Which to Leave Behind?
“I’m spending my children’s inheritance” is a bumper sticker you may spot from time to time along the highways and byways . . . more

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June 2014 Archive
• The Case of the Embarrassed Attorney
• Taking Charitable Giving to the Next Level
• Options in Planning Charitable Bequests
• Can Charitable Gifts Benefit Particular Deserving Persons?

May 2014 Archive
• “Accelerate” Your Bequest into a Lifetime Income Gift
• Tips for Couples Who Marry Later in Life
• Remarkable Things You Can Do with Your Will
• The Satisfaction of Memorial Giving

April 2014 Archive
Executor” Is Not an Honorary Position
• Trusts That Benefit You and Our Future
• Bring New Life to an Old Policy
• Lifelong Strategies for Effective Philanthropy

March 2014 Archive
• Should I Try to Avoid Probate?
• What Are the Differences between Wills and Trusts?
• Questions to Ask Before Retaining an Estate Planning Attorney
• Who Sets Up Charitable Gift Annuities?

February 2014 Archive
• What’s Ahead for 2014 Charitable Gifts from IRAs
• Outliving a Life Insurance Beneficiary
• Advantages of Making Contributions on Behalf of Children
• Your Estate Plan Should Not Be a “Surprise Package”

January 2014 Archive
• Hold Series EE Bonds at Least 20 Years – But Then What?
• Four Steps to a Lower Tax Bill for 2014
• Unloading Your “Boat of Life”
• Please Tell Us about Your Bequest – It’s Important!