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 Personal Planning Ideas

Know When to Hold ’Em
Now that the tax filing season is over, you may be wondering how long to hold on to old income tax returns, along with the receipts, canceled checks and other documentation that accompany the return . . . more

Don't "Misplace" Beneficiaries
If you can’t recall all the beneficiaries you’ve named for life insurance, retirement accounts and other investments, it’s time to examine all those documents and possibly have a serious discussion with your financial adviser . . . more

Prevent "Stale" Wills
Unlike a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs, wills, living trusts and other estate planning documents don’t come with “freshness” dates . . . more

Keeping Loans in the Family
An intrafamily loan may benefit both older family members looking for higher yields and younger family members who want to borrow to buy a car or start a business at a rate slightly lower than what’s currently offered by commercial lenders (and possibly without the intense credit check) . . . more

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