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 Personal Planning Ideas

Will the Bubble Burst?
The stock market has been on a tear this year, reaching 17000 (July 3, 2014) less than eight months after closing above 16000 (November 21, 2013) . . . more

Building a Better Society through Your Living Trust
Many people have incorporated living trusts into their estate plans, but did you know that it’s possible to include creative charitable gifts in your trust? . . . more

Where to Begin
Before consulting your attorney about drafting or updating your will, ask yourself the following questions . . . more

Rating Your Risk Tolerance
The degree of risk you’re willing to take is one of the most important factors in deciding how to build and protect your estate . . . more

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June 2014 Archive
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May 2014 Archive
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April 2014 Archive
Executor” Is Not an Honorary Position
• Trusts That Benefit You and Our Future
• Bring New Life to an Old Policy
• Lifelong Strategies for Effective Philanthropy

March 2014 Archive
• Should I Try to Avoid Probate?
• What Are the Differences between Wills and Trusts?
• Questions to Ask Before Retaining an Estate Planning Attorney
• Who Sets Up Charitable Gift Annuities?

February 2014 Archive
• What’s Ahead for 2014 Charitable Gifts from IRAs
• Outliving a Life Insurance Beneficiary
• Advantages of Making Contributions on Behalf of Children
• Your Estate Plan Should Not Be a “Surprise Package”