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Reunited at Last

Know that feeling when you put your hand in an old coat pocket and find a long-forgotten $20 bill?  Then you may want to check out some websites where you can search for money looking to be reunited with rightful owners.  Most of the money is from dormant bank accounts, unclaimed deposits or uncashed dividend checks that have been turned over to state treasurers’ offices.  Filling out a form available on the websites is the first step to claiming the funds.  You can search by your last name or the name of your business, narrowing the treasure hunt by selecting states where you may have had accounts or financial dealings.  The sites are missingmoney.com and unclaimed.org

The U.S. Treasury Department also operates a service – Treasury Hunt – on its website (treasurydirect.gov) where you can search for U.S. savings bonds that you own. If you discover matured savings bonds, you might want to redeem the bonds and make a charitable gift with the proceeds.  Your income tax charitable deduction should more than offset the income tax you’ll owe on the bond interest.


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