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Year-End Estate Planning Checklist

  • I have written my will (and possibly a living trust).

  • I have reviewed the provisions of my will (and trusts, if any) in the last 12 months, and know that all my beneficiaries are still living, and that my executor/trustee are still willing and able to serve.

  • I have established health care directives, such as a living will and health care power of attorney (also called a health care proxy) and have given copies to appropriate medical care providers, family members or friends.

  • During the last year I have reviewed all my arrangements that name beneficiaries, including life insurance, retirement accounts, financial deposits and brokerage accounts, and am satisfied that they are in harmony with the provisions of my will or trust.

  • I have recently calculated my net worth and have taken steps to minimize any estate or inheritance taxes that may come due (estates under $5.43 million are sheltered from federal estate tax in 2015).

  • I have considered including charitable provisions in my estate plans to continue support for the organizations that are important in my life.


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