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Take A 'Selfie' of Your Home

No one wants to think about losing household possessions to natural disaster, but the job of recovery can be made easier if you take time in advance to record your home and its contents. Walk through the rooms taking pictures of furniture, appliances and fixtures. You can even record a video narrating your journey through the house, pointing out electronic equipment, artwork and other objects that might need to be replaced.

Once you’ve completed this “family album,” keep it in a safe place. For example, you might store various photos or video on flash drives, keeping one in a safe deposit box, giving one to a friend or family member, or even storing one at work. Make sure you add to your photo collection by taking new pictures when you acquire assets.

Having an up-to-date digital record of your possessions will help with any insurance claims that you will have to file in the event a disaster does strike.


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