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    Differences Ahead
    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was passed a year ago, but many of the changes won’t be obvious until taxpayers file their 2018 returns in early 2019 . . . more

    There’s Still Time
    If you’re age 70½ or older and haven’t already taken the full required minimum distribution from your IRA yet, there’s a way to cut your income tax bill while providing for favorite charities . . . more

    What Is This Thing Worth?
    There are many reasons you might need to know the fair market value of an asset . . . more

    Fighting the Battle of the Estate Bulge
    Have you tried on your wedding dress or military uniform lately?  Chances are, they may not fit quite as well as they did originally . . . more

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    November 2018 Archive
    • Planning for This Year . . . and Next
    • Caution: Inheritances Ahead
    • Buy? Sell? Ask Questions First
    • Get a Deduction for Doing Nothing

    October 2018 Archive
    • Stock for a Gift Annuity: A Great Trade
    • Creative Year-End Giving Ideas
    • Six Ways Your Estate Plan Can Go Out of Date
    • The High Cost of Not Having a Will

    September 2018 Archive
    • Still Time to Make 2018 Better
    • Six Reasons to Have a Will
    • Buy? Sell? Ask Questions First
    • Financial Communication Also Important in a Marriage

    August 2018 Archive
    • Jump-Starting Year-End Planning
    • Revocable Charitable Gifts an Option to Consider
    • Provide Family Support During Estate Administration
    • Alternative Route to IRA Funds

    July 2018 Archive
    • I Have a Will — Do I Also Need a Living Trust?
    • Reviewing Beneficiary Designations
    • When Do I Need to Update My Will?
    • Estate Planning for Those on Their Own

    June 2018 Archive
    • Gift Annuity Rates to Increase
    • Profitable Lessons from a Tax Return
    • Mid–Year Resolutions
    • Family + Charity = Satisfaction


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