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    Estate Planning Means More Than Money
    Almost everyone knows the first names of both of their parents . . . more

    What a Difference 25 Years Can Make
    A lot has changed in the US since 1994 . . . more

    Rules, Rules, Rules
    Never swim alone . . . always cross at the intersection . . . don’t text and drive . . . more

    Who Gets the Life Insurance?
    Locate all your life insurance policies and look at who is named beneficiary . . . more

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    March 2019 Archive
    • Estate Planning as an Expression of Love
    • How Can I Include Charity in My Estate Plan?
    • Retirement Fund Gifts and Other Beneficiary Designations
    • The High Cost of Not Planning Your Estate

    February 2019 Archive
    • Taxes Aren’t the Only Reason
    • Planning for Your Digital Estate
    • Selling Stock? Call Your Tax Advisor First
    • Assets You Might Not Have Considered for Giving

    January 2019 Archive
    • New Look to 2018 Income Taxes
    • Be an IRA Early Bird
    • Get 2019 Off to a Good Start
    • Put Life in Your Living Trust

    December 2018 Archive
    • Differences Ahead
    • There's Still Time
    • What Is This Thing Worth?
    • Fighting the Battle of the Estate Bulge

    November 2018 Archive
    • Planning for This Year . . . and Next
    • Caution: Inheritances Ahead
    • Buy? Sell? Ask Questions First
    • Get a Deduction for Doing Nothing

    October 2018 Archive
    • Stock for a Gift Annuity: A Great Trade
    • Creative Year-End Giving Ideas
    • Six Ways Your Estate Plan Can Go Out of Date
    • The High Cost of Not Having a Will


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