Gifts That Provide Income and Tax Benefits

Receive an Income from Your Gift

"I will give away my apple tree, so long as I (or someone I choose) can keep the fruit the tree produces, every year, for life." That's the very simple concept behind a special category of gifts known variously as "deferred" gifts, "planned" gifts or "life income" gifts. These gifts enable you to make a gift of significance, receive a partial tax deduction and yet keep an income for life for you or others. The income can be fixed or variable. Depending on how your gift is arranged, you can plan for:

  • Increased income for your family;
  • Capital gains tax avoidance;
  • Minimized taxes on your income;
  • Increased income at retirement;
  • Diverting of income to someone in a low tax bracket;
  • Gift tax and estate tax savings;
  • Professional management of your funds;
  • A hedge against inflation; Reduced probate costs;
  • Provide college funds for grandchildren.

Call us before you sell and reinvest securities or real estate, or "roll over" low-yield certificates of deposit. We can help you plan a life income gift that is right for you, your family and our organization.

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