annual fund

1919 Society

  • Donors who establish planned gifts with the University are entitled to membership in our 1919 Society. Please contact our office to inform us of your gift.
  • Margaret (Peggy) Aniol ’73

    Andrea Bailey ’03

    Michael F. Barbo ‘83

    Mary ’55 and Everett Bissonette

    Stephen Ball and Carol Himelhoch

    Paul and Rosemarie ’47 Birman

    Mitchell ’04 and Dawn Blonde

    Jerry and Trudy Bohland

    Jane Bower

    Brian and Stephanie Boyse

    Allan and Julie Brittain

    Eileen M. Britz ’46

    Fran and Margaret ’32 Busche

    Evelyn Capoun ’48

    Anne Carrier ’58

    Cervenka Family Trust

    Jennifer Hamlin Church

    Thomas and Carolyn Conlin

    Betty Cummings ’82, ’09

    Dr. Michael Dawson

    Casilda Daly

    Frank & Shirley Dick

    Michael Donovan ‘75

    Rosemary Dorr ’48

    Anne MacMillan Eichman ’67

    Karen Erickson ‘60

    Larry and Nancy Erhardt ’58

    Helen D. Famulener

    Mary Jo Fleming ’47

    Judith C. Francoeur

    Dr. Julieanna Frost

    Elizabeth Geyer ’52

    Charles and Alma ’51 Given

    Margaret A. Goble ’86

    Lilyan Goosens ’53

    Carl and Mary Lou Griffin

    Raymond ’77 and Mary ’69 Griffin

    Ron and Sharon Griffith

    Richard and Jan Gurdjian

    Sid and Mary H. Halley ’89

    Janet Huvaere ’72

    Bernie and Kathy ’82 Jay

    Frank and Belinda Johnson

    John and Karen ’04, ’10 Johnson

    Marjorie Krakker

    Ruth A. LaFontaine ’72

    Bruce ’85 and Lisa Lee

    Malcolm J. Linehan

    James and Julia ‘63 Opalek

    Theresa O'Reilly ’48

    Mary O'Toole ’78

    Peter ’03 and Catrina ’08 Ossmann

    Stella Perea ’71

    Jerry ‘01 & Linda Peterson

    Mary E. Phillips ‘71 and John Richard Sayre

    Ann Politzer ’50

    Mary Joan Potter ’71

    Judith A. Redwine ’66

    Richard and Mary ’85 Reisinger

    Keith ’99 and Wendy ’99 Rusie

    Eileen Marie Ryan ’50

    James and Kitty Sam

    Gregory Schira ’89

    Emory and Kristina Schmidt

    Matthew ’88 and Laura ’86 Schwartz

    Mark and Rebecca Shersten ’90

    Helen Simon ’59

    David G. Stevens ’81

    Byron L. Stickles ’83

    Stephen Studnicka ’78

    Mary Agnes Sullivan-Roselle ’48

    Eleanor Taylor ’57

    Nicholas and Jean Thomas

    Lori ’05 and Christopher Timmis

    Anna M. Tompert ’38

    Annette Van Dan ’62

    Ron and Jane ’53 Waldo

    Judy M. Wernette ’89

    George and Sandra ’72 Wetzel

    Joan Yaroch ’53

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