Personal Planning Ideas

What Money Can’t Buy
The wealthy can presumably afford the best estate planning attorneys, right?  Maybe not, as the estate tales of several well-known celebrities can attest . . . more

Planning for Four-Legged Beneficiaries
Media reports occasionally tell of pet owners who have died and left large bequests to a dog or cat . . . more

The Not-So-Wicked Stepparent
Despite the image from fairy tales, not all stepparents are evil.  In many cases, blended family members “forget” who is his, hers and theirs, as the parents and children share mutual love and concern for all members of the family . . . more

Planning Your Digital Estate
You check your bank account online, using your PIN number . . . more

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May 2015 Archive
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April 2015 Archive
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March 2015 Archive
• Making the Best of a Bad Situation
• Pay Yourself, Not the IRS
• Doing the Unexpected
• April 15: More Than Income Taxes

The materials contained on this website are intended only to show some ways by which you can make a charitable gift or bequest and thereby minimize federal tax liabilities, as authorized by the Internal Revenue Code. All examples are of a general nature only and should not be applied to your specific situation without first consulting your attorney or other advisers.


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