Personal Planning Ideas

Review Plans for Disability
Individuals commonly purchase life insurance and make wills and other estate plans to protect their survivors, but disability can be just as much of a concern . . . more

Planning Challenges When Making a Will
People who start out to make a will sometimes are stymied by what seem like difficult challenges . . . more

“My Kids Understand Why I’m Helping Charity”
Parents sometimes find it hard to talk to adult children about their estate plans . . . more

Before You Leave on Vacation . . .
Leaving on a trip is always a good excuse to inspect your will or revocable living trust to see if any changes are needed . . . more

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February 2016 Archive
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January 2016 Archive
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December 2015 Archive
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November 2015 Archive
• Year-End Estate Planning Checklist
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• Make Investing a Group Project
• Women and Philanthropy

The materials contained on this website are intended only to show some ways by which you can make a charitable gift or bequest and thereby minimize federal tax liabilities, as authorized by the Internal Revenue Code. All examples are of a general nature only and should not be applied to your specific situation without first consulting your attorney or other advisers.


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