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Nightingale Legacy Society

In Honor of our Nightingale Legacy Society Members
In appreciation of our donors who have thoughtfully included the VNA & Hospice Foundation in their estate plans, we recognize them here:

Mrs. Jane Amante
Mrs. Lois W. Appleby
Andrew H. Barr
Ms. Kerry A. Bartlett
Kathryn Barton
Mrs. Herman F. Becker
Sofia Blanchard
Mrs. Barbara A. Bornheimer
Mr. Robert G. Bowman
Sharon Broome
John and Patricia Bumgarner
Barbara A. Bunney
Mr. Graham Cain
Glenn S. Camp
Mr. John J. Campione
Mrs. Alexander Cannon
Mrs. Harry D. Carlson
Mrs. Anne Stubbs Cooney
Susan Dahl
Patsy B. Daniels
Mrs. Helen Diamond
Duncan Donald
Mrs. Genevieve L. Ekstrom
Geri B. Essig
Thomas G. and Carole C. Finck
Miss Peggy Fisher
Mr. Daniel J. Ford
Gizella Freund
Mrs. Donald S. Frost
Elvia S. Ghezzi
Mrs. Joan V. Glad
Alan Goldie
Mrs. Jorge D. Gonzalez
Miriam Grabow
Mrs. Barbara M. Graf
Joan Cutler Graham
Joan and Philip Gulley
Lynn Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hameister
Mrs. Marilyn C. Hammond
Mr. Gifford H. Hampton, III
Kathy Hendrix
Mrs. Grace S. Hinkley
George and Pat Holzworth
Rosemary and Donald Hudson
Mrs. Henry S. Huidekoper
Richard and Pamela Johnson
Ted Johnston
Susan Frances Kamer
The Honorable and Mrs. Paul B. Kanarek
Lynde S. Karin
Mary Keefe
Florence Keppell
John A. and Mona S. Klein
Shirl Koustmer
Josephine A. Kusel
Jim Langone and Chiqui Guiribitey
Mrs. Ann P. Laraja
Abby LaReno
Ronald Liberda
Ethel M. Lynch
Bob and Sue Lynch
Mrs. Rachael K. MacIntosh
Mrs. Joan G. Maddy
John Marr
Captain and Mrs. Richard Martucci
Mary M. McCarron
Ralph and Mary Ann McCrea
Mrs. Ann Marie McCrystal
Emily Appleton McDonough
Jerry E. McKinney
Gail P. Melnychuk
Mrs. Addison D. Merry (Amelia)
Mrs. Helen F. Miller
Tom and Carole Miller
Mrs. Lolly Mills
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Moore, III
Mrs. Densie G. Mulligan
Mrs. Michael J. Murphy
Mary Carden Murray
Tom Naerebout and Dr. Cathie Chandler
Mr. Paul F. Nezi
Mr. and Mrs. A. Miles Nogelo
Ms. Migdalia O'Leary
Mr. John Ouweleen
Ms. Annamae Ozabal
Mrs. James S. Pennington
Mrs. Migdalia Perez
Kathie Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. F. Buckley Pope
Tony and Helayne Ray
Mary E. Robins
Mr. Michael Russak
Jim and Judy Schorner
William T. Seed, Jr.
Mindy Serafin
Sterl F. Shinaberry
Bill Smith
Karl and Bonnie Steene
Elizabeth C. Tait
Rose B. Vanderslice
Dr. David O'Brien and Dr. Julie Vargo-O'Brien
Faith Victory
Teryl T. Viner
Russell Wark
Mrs. E. Jean Watters
Lorne and Heidi Waxlax
Mr. Rollin D. Weary, Jr.
And 5 donors who wish to remain anonymous

To learn more about our Nightingale Legacy Society and how you can be a part of this special group of donors, please contact Don Rudolph, Charitable Gift Planner, at 772-978-5574.