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The Archie Waring Society

The Archie Waring Society was established to recognize and celebrate the generosity and dedication of alumni and friends who make provisions for planned gifts to the College, and to bring you information about the wide variety and importance of such gifts and how to go about creating them.

Archie Waring was the heart and soul of the Walsh Institute (the original name of Walsh College) in its formative years.

As a young accountant fresh out of the University of Michigan, Waring was hired by Walsh College founder Mervyn Walsh to recruit students for the fledgling Institute. During his 43-year tenure at Walsh College, Waring also served as the Institute’s accountant, registrar, placement officer, and an instructor. He and Walsh were influential and visionary counselors who were among the first in the nation to recruit women to the field of accounting.

During the Great Depression, the only way many students were able to get into school was because Waring and Walsh backed their loans or accepted scrip (a nationally recognized form of IOU used during the Depression), or merchandise as tuition. They also rallied alumni and friends of the young Institute to contribute money toward scholarships and other needs.

The name Archie Waring has become a symbol of the enduring values of what is now Walsh College. The Archie Waring Society will recognize those who share those values and make it possible for those values to remain strong for future generations of Walsh College students.

Induction in the Archie Waring Society is open to anyone who notifies the College in writing of their provision for Walsh College in their estate or deferred gift plan.

Contact Joe Impellizzeri, Planned Giving Manager, at (248) 823-1368 or joeimpellizzeri@walshcollege.edu.

Archie Waring Society

Beth Barnes
Samuel Calchary ‘68
Kevin J. Carmody ‘85
Donald H. Clayton ‘68 
Loren A. Deer ‘51
Barbara Dobb ‘78
Beverly Geisler ‘88
Donald E. Good ‘02
Estate of Lawrence M. Green
Kevin Hepner ‘02
Rebecca Hepner ’04
Estate of Ellenette E. Jenkins
Kathleen A. Jenkins ‘85
Estate of E. Joyce Koleian ‘82
Joseph Kosin ‘84
Denise Kulak ‘00
Norma P. Kurtz ‘76
Estate of Robert Eadie Love
Thomas F. McNulty
Estate of Susan Meier
Robert Naftaly ‘59
Donald Nolta
Michelle Pallas ‘86
Richard Pearson ‘61
Phyllis Peters
Stefan ‘59 and Eileen Poth
Estate of Harold Rowe
Jerry Schafer ‘75
Rita Schmaltz
George and Betty Seifert
Ellen Skuta
Estate of Albert Teetzel ‘42
Estate of Margaret Terry
Estate of Robert Valk
Kristine Volk ‘96
Estate of Alma Woodle ‘41