Building a Better Society through Your Living Trust

Many people have incorporated living trusts into their estate plans, but did you know that it’s possible to include creative charitable gifts in your trust?  Consider:

Lifetime gifts – You can direct the trustee to pay a specified amount or percentage of the income from the trust to charity each year.  You would be entitled to an income tax charitable deduction for any amount we receive.  Or simply tell the trustee to make a payment for our benefit and receive a deduction for whatever amount we receive.

Distributions at death – Your trust can provide that certain assets or a portion of your estate will pass to us at death, similar to a bequest in a will.  Your estate will be entitled to a charitable deduction.

Lifetime income for family – You can direct that at death, a charitable remainder trust be created with some or all of the assets in your living trust.  Your spouse, children or anyone else you name can receive income for life, with assets eventually passing to us.


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The materials contained on this website are intended only to show some ways by which you can make a charitable gift or bequest and thereby minimize federal tax liabilities, as authorized by the Internal Revenue Code. All examples are of a general nature only and should not be applied to your specific situation without first consulting your attorney or other advisers.