Please Tell Us about Your Bequest — It’s Important!

We recently learned that a longtime supporter of ours had passed away and provided generously for Western Kentucky University in her will.  Sadly, there was never an opportunity to thank her:  The gift had come as a complete surprise.

Estate gifts that arrive unannounced sometimes can be misdirected or otherwise fail to carry out donors’ intentions.  In one legendary example, a donor’s hand-written will left a significant bequest to “the University of Southern California, also known as UCLA.”  In another case, a donor left funds to a hospital in a retirement community – restricted to a nonexistent prenatal care program!

Why do people include WKU in their estate plans?  Personal satisfaction is the overwhelming reason, and you can magnify that satisfaction by communicating your own good news to our Office of Philanthropy.  By notifying our office, you’ll also ensure that:

  • Your gift will go to benefit a particular area of interest, if desired;
  • We can recognize you appropriately (or determine that you wish to remain anonymous);
  • Your gift meets criteria for endowed chairs, scholarships, or other specific programs that are important to you;
  • You become a member of the Society of 1906, which celebrates supporters who make gifts through their estate plans.
  • Your gift can encourage classmates, colleagues, and others to make their own gifts;
  • You receive a most sincere “thank you,” either publicly or privately, for your thoughtful generosity.

Sharing the good news of your bequest will also help us better plan for the future of WKU and evaluate the success of our planned giving program.  A short note, e-mail, or telephone call to our office will be much appreciated . . . and you’ll brighten everyone’s day!

Office of Philanthropy
Western Kentucky University
1906 College Heights Blvd. #11005
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 745-6993 or toll free 1-888-958-2586

John Paul Blair
Interim Vice President,
Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement

Leslie M. Watkins
Senior Director
of Planned Giving

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