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The IRA Rollover Returns . . . Permanently

The IRA rollover, which allows donors ages 70½ and older to make gifts to charity directly from their IRAs, has been renewed permanently, retroactive to January 1, 2015. If you’re eligible and haven’t yet taken your required distribution for 2015, consider making a gift to Western Kentucky University. Even if you have taken your required distribution for 2015, you can still give to WKU (up to $100,000) and completely avoid the income tax that is normally owed on withdrawals from your IRA. The permanent renewal of the IRA rollover also allows you to plan your 2016 gifts to WKU before taking your required minimum distribution.

For more information about the advantages of giving through your IRA, check out the IRA Charitable Rollover portion of our website by clicking here. If you’re thinking of making a transfer from your IRA this year, please call to let us know so we may watch for your gift and provide you with the proper substantiation.